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GOALS – Friends of Paradise are interested in advancing Social, Economic and Tourism development focussing on but not limited to the North Burnett and Wide Bay Region.

Being an incorporated association allows Friends of Paradise (FOP) to be active in Queensland. FOP will consider any concept to promote those goals in ways matching the skills, motivation and availability of its membership to bring projects to successful outcomes.

VALUES – While pursuing projects and ideas to achieve such goals, Friends of Paradise consider their environment and fellow men with the following values in mind—

  • Sustainability and environmental awareness
  • Democracy, respect and personal freedom
  • Geographically focussed on but not limited to the North Burnett

Derived from these values FOP has developed the following mission statement:

MISSION STATEMENT – Improving Social, Economic and Tourism outcomes in the North Burnett and Wide Bay Region while being conscious of environmental issues and respecting democratic values and personal freedom.

NAMING – The name Friends of Paradise is a play on many things, from Paradise Dam to the natural Paradise of the North Burnett to the friends wanting the best for our region.


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